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NASA's Wallops Flight Facility provides low-cost suborbital and small orbital flight project services to government, industry, and academia customers. As a national resource dedicated to furthering science, technology, education, and commercial access to space, Wallops provides facilities and expertise to enable frequent flight opportunities worldwide. Wallops manages an array of research carriers, including sounding rockets, scientific balloons, science aircraft, UAVs, and small satellite launch systems for experimenters conducting science, education and technology research. Wallops provides operational support, including a launch range (in cooperation with the Mid-Atlantic Regional Spaceport), a research airport, and orbital tracking stations. In addition to flight projects, Wallops is home to scientists conducting earth science research, and engineers developing technologies for lower-cost space access and improved research carriers. Wallops possesses fabrication and testing capabilities and regularly supports DoD, educational/science and commercial customers.

Wallops Flight Facility